About Rene Klotzer

Self-taught German Artist, Filmmaker and Photographer.

Born and raised in Germany, I currently live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I discovered my creative side from a very young age while growing up in Southern Germany. This creative side was however, put on hold while I chased my dreams and built a career that brought me across the globe in search for the perfect job. Finally, I had it all - money, success and happiness. Or so I thought. I was depressed, felt burnt out and alone. Something in my life was missing and made me feel empty. In 2016, I decided to explore my creativity again and embarked on a series of photography and videography activities and it slowly brought me back to life. But something was still missing. And I finally figured it out.


After my last assignment in Bangkok, I realized that I've had to try and invest in my passion, which is photography, videography and my newly found love for oil-paint. The smell, the texture and the endless opportunity oil-paint offers is so amazing and fascinating and became my favourite medium to express myself. So, I came to Malaysia to do what I love - ART and being creative, whether it's painting, drawing, sculpturing, photo art, videos etc. I do not want to pigeonhole myself hence I do what I feel like doing. Currently I'm experimenting with chopsticks used as brushes. Thinking back I have to say that Van Gogh, Monet, Gerhard Richter and Albrecht Dürer have inspired my work so far, but hey.... it is all a big adventure with constant development.

My Motto: My freedom is my art, my creations are my passion.

I always feel "The Urge To Create"